Governing Documents

Proposed Governing Documents Updates:

In 2016, the Board of Trustees initiated a project to review and update the community’s Bylaws and Declarations. The Association governing documents were originally written around 1983 and was done in phases, with multiple builders. With each phase, a supplemental declaration was recorded resulting in thirteen (13) separate Declarations and Supplemental Declarations (collectively, the “Declarations”). This makes administration difficult and unwieldy, and confusing for homeowners and those working to sell and purchase homes in the community.


Accordingly, the Board is proposing amendments to all of the Declarations so that they are all merged into one declaration that applies to all of the lots in the Association.



Contact Information

To contact Fair Woods Homeowners Association, please email Larry Gilbert (

Trash Violation?

If you see a trash violation, please email our service management company. Please provide as much information as possible: either an address or a section of addresses (e.g., 13150-13158).


If you or a visitor has been towed, contact Battlefield Towing at 703-378-0059. Battlefield will also provide services to residents (on Fair Woods property only), including jump-starts, tire changes, and unlocking doors.

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