Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of frequently asked questions about life in Fair Woods. If you have a suggestions for an FAQ to add to the list, please email


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What streets are included in Fair Woods?
The Fair Woods community consists of the townhomes on private streets off of Alder Woods Drive and Burning Bush Drive in Fairfax County, near the intersection of the Fairfax County Parkway and Route 50 (Lee Jackson Highway). The neighborhood’s streets are Acorn Ridge Court, Fanleaf Court, Collis Oak Court, Flatwood Circle, Mohr Oak Court, Sweet Leaf Terrace, Waythorn Place, and Garland Tree Court off of Alder Woods Drive; and Corkwood Place, Marcum Court, Tallow Tree Place, Tallow Tree Court, Rosebay Court, Burning Bush Court, and Zelkova Court off of Burning Bush Drive.

When and how do I pay my HOA dues?
Dues are due on the first day of each month, but may also be paid in advance. You can pay by check, direct debit, or online. See the Pay Dues link in the HOA Information section of the website for information.


I’m moving in/moving out; do I need to let anyone know?

If you’re moving in, you should receive a copy of our HOA documents (including our Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions) prior to closing. At closing, you will be asked to attest that you have read and understand the CCRs under which you will be expected to live in the Fair Woods Community. Please be sure to read all documents carefully. If you are about to move into the community or recently have done so but did not receive your documents, contact Larry Gilbert at 703-803-9641 or via email at


If you’re moving out of the community, we’re sorry to see you go. Please alert Sequoia Management (see above contact information) so they can update their records. Note: If the property title remains in your name (e.g., you rent out the house), you remain responsible for payment of fees and compliance with CCRs, including maintenance of the dwelling and its grounds. If you are relocating but not selling your home, please provide a mailing address to Rosewood MCS.

When are the community’s trash days?
Trash is picked up on Tuesdays and Fridays. You may place trash outside at the curb after 6:00 PM Monday and Thursday. Using containers for your trash is highly encouraged, as it helps keep critters away. Please retrieve any containers by the end of the pick-up day. For large items pick-up, please contact Patriot Disposal at: 703-257-7100 option 1.

What about recycling?
Recycling is taken every Wednesday. Again, you may place recycling outside after 6:00 PM Tuesday. Using recycling bins is highly encouraged; contact American Disposal for information on getting one, or purchase your own. Please retrieve any containers by the end of the day each Thursday.


What are the parking rules and regulations?
Each residence receives two reserved parking spaces in one of the following configurations: 1) either two spaces in a lot, 2) a garage and one space in a lot, or 3) a garage and a driveway. Resident vehicles may not park in the marked VISITOR spaces. VISITOR spaces are intended for short-term guests to the community. Guests may park in the VISITOR spots from 6:00 AM through 1:00 AM each day. Any cars parked after 1:00 AM will be towed.

The only exception is Waythorn Place off Alder Woods Drive. As all parking spaces on Waythorn Place are marked as VISITOR spots, these are open to all guests of the community 24 hours a day. These spaces are not restricted to guests visiting residents of Waythorn Place.

What if I have overnight guests?
All residents and their guests may park on public street parking, on Alder Woods Drive or Burning Bush Drive. If you have overnight guests, you may either direct them to street parking or park your vehicle in the street and allow them use of one of your reserved spots.

Someone is parked in my spot; what do I do?
First, unless it’s a late hour, please knock on your neighbors’ doors to see if it’s a visitor who intended to be in and out quickly. If you cannot find the owner of the vehicle, please contact Rosewood MCS (703-778-4480 ext 109 or ext 111) during business hours, or see the parking signs for the towing company’s phone number after hours.

There’s a broken down car/commercial vehicle/abandoned vehicle parked in the neighborhood; what do I do?
The HOA has no control over parking on Alder Woods Drive or Burning Bush Drive; these are county roads. If a vehicle appears abandoned, call the non-emergency police number (703-691-2131) to report it. In addition, both Alder Woods Drive and Burning Bush Drive restrict parking for commercial vehicles and those that exceed size and weight limits. If you believe a vehicle is breaking these regulations, call the non-emergency police number to report it.

I want to do some home improvement; do I need to alert anyone?
Per the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCRs) of the HOA, any visible changes and/or improvements to the exterior of your home must be approved in advance of the work by the Architectural Review Board (ARB). This includes projects such as painting the exterior of your home, buying a new door, or adding a deck. However, you do not need to fill out an application if you're planting bushes or flowers, putting a doghouse in a fully fenced back yard, or completing other regular maintenance tasks which do not change the appearance of your property. See the Architectural Review Board section of the website for details and application.

Who is responsible for upkeep of common areas?
The HOA contracts with a landscaping/lawn maintenance company to mow, water, fertilize, and maintain common areas.

What about my front yard and my back yard?
The landscaping company mows all front yards, including the strips between the sidewalk and parking lot. However, any trees, bushes, plants, flowers, etc., on your property are your responsibility. At no time does the landscaping company enter your back yard; your back yard is completely your responsibility.

There’s a dead/dying/dangerous tree on my property; what do I do?
All trees on your property—inside your property lines—are your responsibility.


What about if the tree is on common property?
If a tree or bush on common property is dead or dying, or poses a danger to you or your home (e.g., is leaning severely, branches are hitting your house), please bring it to the attention of our property manager Larry Gilbert at 703-803-9641 or via email at He will inspect the tree and, if necessary, schedule removal or repair.

Grounds & Landscaping Committee? What’s that?
The Grounds & Landscaping Committee helps make sure the common areas of Fair Woods are maintained to the high standard homeowners expect. The Committee plans for and responds to the need for tree/bush repair, plantings, mulching, and more. Meetings are held monthly, usually on Mondays. See the website for information on the next meeting or email the committee at

Can I hold a yard/garage sale in the community?
Per the CCRs, residents are not allowed to hold a yard or garage sale. However, the Board of Trustees can authorize a community-wide yard or garage sale events in response to resident requests. Watch the website or HOA newsletters for information from the Events Committee on when HOA-authorized and sponsored yard/garage sales are scheduled.

Wow, there’s an Events Committee, too? What’s that?
The Events Committee coordinates community-wide events, such as the yard/garage sale, Earth Day celebration and community clean-up, and similar events. Contact the committee at if you would like to participate or if you have a suggestion for a community event.

Can I get periodic information about community events emailed to me?
Why yes, you can! The Communications Committee started an email list for Fair Woods HOA events in May 2012. To subscribe to the list, email Subscribers currently receive between two and four emails per month, and you may unsubscribe at any time.

I have a question/comment/concern not covered here. What should I do?
If this is an immediate concern, please contact our HOA property manager, Larry Gilbert, at Sequoia Management at 703-803-9641 or via email at Or please bring your question, comment, or concern to the next Board of Trustees meeting. The meetings are usually on the final Thursday of each month, but see the website for the exact schedule.

I want to help! How can I?
We’re always looking for volunteers! In addition to the Grounds & Landscaping Committee and Events Committee, other committees include the Communications Committee, Website Committee, Election Committee, and the Architectural Review Board. See the About Us section of the website for more details and email contacts. Or show up at a Board meeting! The meetings are usually on the final Thursday of each month, but see the website for the exact schedule.


Elections for the Board of Trustees are held at the Annual Meeting in May. However, the Board may appoint members throughout the year. If you’re interested in potentially joining the Board of Trustees, please attend a meeting and talk to the current members.

Contact Information

To contact Fair Woods Homeowners Association, please email Larry Gilbert (

Trash Violation?

If you see a trash violation, please email our service management company. Please provide as much information as possible: either an address or a section of addresses (e.g., 13150-13158).


If you or a visitor has been towed, contact Battlefield Towing at 703-378-0059. Battlefield will also provide services to residents (on Fair Woods property only), including jump-starts, tire changes, and unlocking doors.

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